What Is The Purpose Of Storm Windows?

What Is The Purpose Of Storm Windows?

Windows are an important feature to any home in the North Shore. Many historic homes in the Peabody and surrounding areas have the home’s original windows — but unfortunately these traditional windows aren’t very energy efficient. Luckily homeowners have the option to install storm windows in an effort to reduce heat loss during the winter months.

What are storm windows?

Storm windows are comprised of a thicker glass in order to regulate heat better and keep cold air out of the home. They can either be installed on the interior or exterior side of your existing windows (though they are most frequently installed on the exterior side to protect the existing windows). Bay State Exteriors can either mount storm windows on your home temporarily or permanently if you are looking for new window installation services. Interior storm windows may develop condensation and therefore mold problems, but exterior storm windows may detract from your home’s overall aesthetic. Either way, these additional windows are an easy solution to preventing heat loss for homeowners.

The purpose of storm windows

Storm windows don’t just exist to prevent heat loss from your home; they also serve to protect your existing windows. Many homeowners in the North Shore and Greater Boston areas are looking to preserve as much of their colonial-style home as possible, so the addition of storm windows during the Fall and winter months can prevent damage from hail, ice, and debris during storms.

For those who live in colder climates, storm windows are cost effective. There are different grades of quality storm windows depending on your budget and your needs, and Bay State Exteriors is here to help you determine which windows are best. Contact our window installation company today at 857-389-5284 to install your new storm windows!

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