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Investing in your home provides both short term and long term benefits. Home improvement projects will help to improve your home’s appeal and functionality, while also increasing its long-term value if or when you’re ready to sell. We offer a wide range of these services to homeowners in Stoneham.

Roofing Services in Stoneham, MA

As a Stoneham, MA resident, you’re most likely no stranger to the harsh weather conditions that can be present throughout New England. At Bay State Exteriors, we’ll give you the tools you need to prepare your roof for severe weather. We provide expert roof repair services to Stoneham to ensure that every home is prepared for the toughest conditions. If your roof needs some buffing up, Bay State Exteriors is happy to help.

Door and Window Installation in Stoneham, MA

Every home needs good insulation, and those in Stoneham are no exception. Keep the chilly winter and balmy summer weather out of your home with our door and window installation services. Our expert team will be able to walk you through what types of windows and doors work best for your home, and install the best ones accordingly. Improve your home’s curb appeal and keep the outside elements where they belong with Bay State Exteriors.

Gutter Maintenance and Installation in Stoneham, MA

Your gutters are a lot more important than you might think. If left unchecked, they can lead to serious issues with your home! Bay State Exteriors offers gutter maintenance, removal and replacement services to Stoneham. New England weather also brings about heavy rains, so make sure that the rain stays outside with our services.

Why Stoneham, MA Homeowners Choose Bay State Exteriors

Whether your home is getting old and needs a slight makeover, or you’re simply sick and tired of paying higher utility bills due to poor windows and doors, our experts will provide you with just the upgrade you need.

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