New Hampshire Siding Installation, Roofing Repair & Replacement Windows

Do you ever wonder why you need to constantly turn up the air conditioning in the summer and the heat in the winter? Often times, it’s due to outdated, drafty windows, doors and siding, which do a poor job of keeping cold air indoors during the summer, and warm air indoors during the more frigid months.

Exterior Contracting in Manchester NH

Among other services, Bay State Exteriors performs new window, door and siding installations. In addition, we offer roofing and gutter services. New window and/or doors could be just the solution you need to combat high-energy bills, as we will install modern fixtures that are energy efficient and are designed to trap cold or warm air indoors, depending on the season, of course.

Siding is another area that homeowners can target to help keep their energy bills low. We install new vinyl siding that enhances the appeal of your property, and helps make your home more energy efficient.

To learn more about the benefits of installing new windows, doors and/or siding, or to request a professional to come look at your roof and gutters in Manchester, NH, please contact us today.

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