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Plaistow New Hampshire is located just north of Haverhill, Massachusetts. As a town situated on the border of Massachusetts, we are happy and proud to extend our services to the homeowners and businesses in Plaistow, NH. Continue reading to learn more about our capabilities and services we offer those living and working in Plaistow, NH.

Roofing Services Provider in Plaistow, NH

We provide roofing services to both homeowners and businesses in Plaistow, NH

Residential Roofing Professional | Plaistow NH

If you are a homeowner, making sure your roof is properly functioning is part of being a responsible homeowner. If your roof is outdated or has experienced structural damage, you may be losing thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs. Replacing or even repairing problems areas of your roof can save you money. Contact us today if your home needs a roofing assessment.

Commercial Roofing Services | Plaistow, NH

As a business owner, cutting costs and improving efficiency is a vital aspect of successfully running one’s business. If your business’ roofing solution is failing, not only does it provide a poor impression from those looking at your building, it can also cost you money in operating costs. Save money on heating and cooling for your business by upgrading or replacing your roof this spring.

Siding Professionals in Plaistow, NH

Bay State Exterior provides siding services for Plaistow businesses and homeowners as well.

Residential Siding Professionals | Plaistow, NH

The siding of your home is the first thing passersby’s, guests, family, and property assessment professionals see when looking at your home. A relatively easy process, revamping the siding of your home can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. Have only a specific area that needs attention with your siding? Bay State Exterior is here for full siding replacement and area-specific replacement.

Commercial Siding Professional | Plaistow, NH

Much like siding in a residential setting, the siding of your business can be the first impression for potential customers. Don’t let the exterior of your business impact revenue and replace your business siding today!

Gutters and Downspouts Replacement | Plaistow, NH

Bay State Exterior offers gutter and downspout replacement and installation for both our residential and commercial clients. Properly installing gutters and downspouts is crucial as if they are not installed properly, excess water can undermine foundations and create structural damage. Don’t trust just anyone with Gutter and Downspout installation and call the experts at Bay State Exterior.

Windows & Doors

If you need your homes windows or doors replaced, Bay State Exterior will be able to do so with limited downtime. In addition to expert installation, if you need recommendations regarding style or brands for either windows or Doors, our exterior experts can provide assistance.

Bay State Exterior: Serving the Plaistow, NH Community

If you are located in Plaistow, NH, and need a home or building exterior professional you can depend on; Bay State Exterior should be your first call. We look forward to connecting to discuss your exterior projects and reviewing how we will provide the best services available.

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