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Cumberland, RI is a town in Providence County. It’s considered to be the largest town in the state in terms of population! Those that move to this city will be welcomed by a rich suburban atmosphere with plenty of local amenities. In a suburban area that’s subject to harsh weather conditions throughout the year, making sure that your home has the protection it needs is crucial. Bay State Exteriors can provide you with this armor with our expert exterior contracting services! Read on to learn more about our services.

Roof Repair in Cumberland, RI

Even the best roofs out there will suffer wear and tear throughout their lifespan. Making sure that it’s properly fortified at all times can save you a LOT of money in the long run! Our roof inspectors will be able to spot any problem quickly and get right to work on solving it. We can fix a number of problems with your roof, including broken or missing shingles, poor ventilation and water stains. We can also provide you with roof installation services!

Rain Gutter Installation in Cumberland, RI

New England can be home to harsh storms at times, which means that your home’s roof and insulation will constantly be dealing with the elements. A proper rain gutter system can eliminate this problem in quick fashion! Our expert team will ensure that your gutters are installed to perfection. Water will flow effortlessly away from your home, saving you money on repairing water damage.

Other Services Offered

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Bay State Exteriors can fortify your home against the most extreme of New England’s weather conditions. We’ll improve the look and feel of your home while saving you money and ensuring that it functions at its best. For greater protection for your home, click here to request an estimate!

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