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Bay State Exteriors is proud to provide its services to Exeter, NH. It’s a quick drive away from Hampton Beach, making it a desirable place to live for anyone that wants quick access to the beach. Residents of Exeter know that New England weather is as unpredictable as it gets, so you’ll want to ensure that your home’s exterior is performing at its best. With our exterior contracting services, you’ll be on your way to making that happen!

Roofing and Gutter Installation in Exeter, NH

Especially with a town so close to the coast, your home’s exterior should be able to combat the most severe of weather conditions. Your roof and gutters are the last line of defense between your home and costly water damage. If they don’t work as well as intended, your home will reap the consequences once storms roll in! Oftentimes, people won’t fix their roofs or gutters until they know that there’s a problem. Don’t delay! We’ll be able to ensure that your roof and gutters are in tip-top shape with our replacement and installation services.

Replacement Siding and Windows in Exeter, NH

Have you noticed big spikes in your energy bill but can’t figure out why that is? It may be because of your home’s insulation! Your home’s windows and siding help keep the outside elements out of your home. If they aren’t operating to their potential, you’ll have a harder time keeping your home warm and cool during the respective seasons. Our team can provide your home with replacement windows and new siding to help drive those bills back down.

Our Exterior Remodeling Services Include:

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