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Merrimack, NH is a town in Hillsborough County that is divided into four villages. The area is known for its small town charm, welcoming atmosphere, and a series of natural parks and recreational destinations that are fun for the whole family. Merrimack residents know more than anyone else that the weather in the region is anything but consistent. Bay State Exteriors can help your home prepare for what’s next with our exterior contracting services!

Roof Installation in Merrimack, NH

Bay State Exteriors understands the importance of fortifying your roof against rain, snow and debris. We’ll assess your home first to check for any structural weaknesses, and then we’ll get to work on installing a new roof on your home. This includes a special protective barrier that goes underneath the shingles that specifically protects against rain and snow. Fortification is the name of the game in roofing, and we can help to ensure that yours is strongest!

Window Replacement in Merrimack, NH

Did you know that your home’s windows are tied to your energy bill? A hidden feature that your home’s windows provide is insulation, which helps heat your home in winter and cool it during summer. This takes the weight off of your home’s heating and cooling systems, ensuring that you won’t need to rely on them as much to stay comfortable. You’ll also be saving a lot of money on your energy bills as a result! Our replacement windows can ensure that you save some cash and have protection that lasts.

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