Door Installation

A door is what welcomes your friends, family and other guests into your home and often is what makes a lasting impression on the mind. Giving directions to a home, one might say “It’s the one on the left with the yellow door” because this is the aspect of a home that stands out!

Why Choose Our Professional Door Installation Services

At Bay State Exteriors, we want to make sure your doors are both in good working condition and blend well with the exterior of your home. Your door is an essential asset to protecting your home and keeping out the cold New England weather, which is why it’s crucial to hire a professional door installation company.

Whether you are enhancing your home’s appearance to add value, making your home more enjoyable, or preparing your home for sale, Bay State Exteriors supports every aspect of your exterior renovation. Our Peabody-based exterior contracting company provides door installation of all kinds to complete your exterior renovations, whether you are seeking aesthetic value, home security or both.

Types of Door Installations

  • Entry
  • Hinged patio/French doors
  • Sliding patio
  • Storm
  • Scenescape
  • Custom

We install every door according to your specifications and we make sure every joint, lock and hinge works effortlessly so you can enjoy it for years to come. Have a specific brand in mind? Ask us if we carry their product! We always try to carry the best and most trusted name brands in the industry.

Front door

Contact our door installation and exterior contracting company today. We ensure all of our customers receive a complimentary project estimate so you know exactly what you’re paying for. It’s time to revamp the look of your home while adding security for your family!

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