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Andover, MA is a town in Essex County that Bay State Exteriors is proud to serve. Andover is a beautiful town that we love to work in. Whether an older home needs multiple projects to get a new look or a newer home just needs a few updates, we are able to help each homeowner with whatever they may need.

Life in Andover, MA is great! It’s a popular neighborhood to raise a family because of it’s close proximity to Boston’s metropolitan area. We are able to provide the homeowners with all of their home exterior’s needs to keep their home looking it’s best. We work with homeowners for competitive prices with top quality products. Our wide range of services help do multiple projects at once for a faster finish.

Our Services in Andover, MA

Roof Repair & Maintenance | Vinyl Siding | Window Replacement | Door Installation

Roof Repair & Maintenance in Andover, MA

Our roof repair & maintenance services will help extend the life of your roof. A roof should last you about 20 years, and with regular repairs & maintenance, you might even be able to keep yours longer than that. We can help repair missing or damaged shingles, environmental damage, shrinking or blistering, & more.

Vinyl Siding Contractors in Andover, MA

Vinyl siding is increasing in popularity in homeowners because it’s a long-lasting investment in your home which offers different colors and textures. Vinyl siding adds curb appeal to your home while protecting it against harsh New England winters and insects that may pose a threat to your home. New vinyl siding can also help lower your home’s energy bills to help insulate your home.

If you are a homeowner in Andover, MA and interested in any of our professional services, turn to Bay State Exteriors. For a free estimate, you can contact us directly on our website or call us at 857-389-5284. We are happy to answer any of your questions and give your home a new look.

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