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Pawtucket is considered to be the fourth largest city in the state of Rhode Island in terms of population! It’s located mere minutes away from all the fantastic amenities of Providence. However, just because it isn’t along the coast doesn’t mean that it won’t be subject to New England’s harshest weather conditions! Bay State Exteriors has the tools you need to help fortify your home from the elements. Check out some of the services we offer below!

Roof Repair and Maintenance in Pawtucket, RI

Your roof should be lasting you for upwards of 20 years, protecting your roof and home foundation from rain and debris. If you’re able to identify a minor problem before things get too serious – such as broken shingles – you can opt to utilize roof repair services instead! We have the capability to repair any type of roof issue so you can rest assured that your home has the protection it deserves.

Replacement Gutters and Downspouts in Pawtucket, RI

Your rain gutters are more important to your home’s exterior than you might think! Improperly functioning gutters could cause rain to pool up on your roof. With nowhere else to go, it could seep inside and damage your home’s foundation! Forego the steep repair costs by upgrading your gutters to our state of the art systems. We’ll help to ensure that water flows seamlessly off of your roof and away from your home. We’ll also ensure that you won’t need to do too much maintenance, either!

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