Ice and Water Damage Repair

Winter is no joke here in the North Shore and Greater Boston area. Nor’Easters can roll in on a routine basis between the months of December and March, bringing the snow, wind, ice and sleet with them that can wreck havoc on any roof.

Our job here at Bay State Exteriors is to provide that much-needed ice and water damage repair service for your roof, because we understand that you and your family need a comfortable and save space. Sometimes it can be easy to detect an issue with a roof that might lead to water or ice damage down the road, but most of the time homeowners won’t realize there’s an issue until their roof springs a leak.

How Ice Can Damage a Roof

Ice (just like water) is very heavy and eventually destructive to property if left unregulated. During the winter months, snow on your roof will melt and refreeze before it gets a chance to effectively drain away from your property. Icicles may start forming along the gutters which may eventually weigh them down to the point that they rip off of your roof, causing extensive damage to the framework of the house.

Other issues with ice can occur if you don’t know what signs to look for. Ice dams are a common culprit when it comes to causing damage to roofs. An ice dam is a wall or ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof. This wall prevents meltwater from draining off the roof and into the gutter system; the meltwater then freezes and adds to the existing ice dam, making the problem worse. Ice dams are known to cause damage not only to the roof, but also to the interior walls, ceilings, insulation and support beams.

How Water Can Damage a Roof

Just like we get excessive snow here in the Northeast, we also get a large amount of rain. Rain may not seem like a problem — and it shouldn’t be if you have a sturdy and reliable roof — but the issue with water is that it will find a weak point in your roof and exploit it. Water problems are difficult to detect until you have a full-blown mold or rot problem, so it’s crucial that you have a professional roofing company take a look at your roof at least once a year to determine whether or not you need to make repairs.

Water enters through a roof at weak points. If shingles are curled back and brittle, then they can expose the underlying structure and water can easily soak through the wood. Other weak points on a roof include around chimneys, skylights and other protrusions.

When To Call a Professional Roofing Company

If you notice any of these signs on your roof throughout the year, please contact our roofers immediately. We provide the North Shore and the Greater Boston area with emergency ice and water damage repair services so that you can continue living comfortably.

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