How to Find a Leak in Your Roof

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A leaky roof isn’t just common for older homes in the North Shore area, but new homes as well if a roofing contractor did not install the roof correctly. There won’t always be a visible trickle of water coming through the roof, so don’t be afraid to search more thoroughly.

Where to start when looking for leaks

If you have no problem getting up on your home’s roof, start removing the shingles in the area where the leak is coming from. Now, check for water damage evidence such as rotting wood, water stains or discolorations, or mold — as these problems may require a new roof installation if they’re bad enough.

If you aren’t sure where to start, it’s always a safe bet that the leak is coming from a roof penetration (a chimney or vent). Check the areas below or around these roof penetrations. You can also head into the attic if you have access to it to check for these water damage signs.

What to do when you still can’t find a leak

Still can’t find an obvious source for the roof leak? Bring out the garden hose and grab a friend to help you out. Have your friend stand in the attic on the side of the house where the leak is coming from. With you on the roof, turn the hose on and start soaking specific areas around the problem spot. Once there’s a drip inside, have your friend give you a shout; they should mark the perimeter of the leaky area with electrical tape or painters tape.

Once you’ve found the problem spot, contact a professional roofing company such as Bay State Exteriors so they can properly patch the area. At Bay State Exteriors, our roofing professionals will also assess the rest of your roof to make sure there aren’t any other problems with the integrity of the structure. Contact our Peabody roofing contractors today!

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