How to Tell Heat is Escaping Through Your Roof

No one likes having to deal with excessive amounts of snow, but did you know that having snow can be a good thing when it comes to determining whether or not your roof is doing it’s job?

A fresh snowfall can tell you how and where your roof is losing heat and as a result you can save a ton of money by addressing the problem. Next time you get a few inches, step outside and check for the following issues:

  • Ice Dams. These are caused when snow melts on top of your roof and runs down to the gutters by following the easiest route down. Unfortunately when the snowmelt reaches colder temperatures elsewhere on the roof, it freezes and eventually backs up, creating a dam. The dam allows water to leak through your roof’s shingles, causing rot, mold and other damage.
  • Patchy Roof. A well-insulated roof will have the same amount of snow on every part of the roof that’s facing the same direction. Head outside and find a part of your roof that’s facing the same direction. Do you see any patchy/bare spots where the shingles are exposed? Chances are your attic isn’t insulated well in that spot, or the insulation itself has an issue.
  • Giant Icicles. Icicles may be pretty to look at, but having massive icicles hanging from your roof is not a good sign. Having too many large icicles means that your roof is losing heat and melting the snow on top of the roof faster than the drainage systems can properly get rid of the excess water. Be sure to check to see if your gutters and downspouts are clear. If not, this may be the cause.

So you’ve noticed one of more of these issues with your roof — now what? The first step you should take is call a professional roofing company near you. Roofing contractors such as Bay State Exteriors are familiar with these winter roof problems and will always have a quick solution. Contact us today for immediate service and an accurate project estimate!

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