3 Roofing Materials That Aren’t Asphalt

Metal roof installation

Homeowners are constantly under pressure to be “keeping up with the Jones’s,” but sometimes going against the grain and doing something unique with the exterior of your home is best.

These days, the majority of American homeowners have asphalt roofs, but did you know that there are other materials available that still provide the same protection that an asphalt roof would? Here are three materials to consider for your new roof installation:

  1. Metal Roof. Metal is durable, practical and looks great. Homeowners love this material because it has double the lifespan of asphalt shingles. It’s important to understand that metal roofing will be more expensive than asphalt, but the results and return on investment are well worth it.
  2. Cedar Roof. You may think that having a cedar roof isn’t the best idea when living in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. However, cedar holds well in strong winds and the wood works to better regulate the home’s internal temperature. Keep in mind though that wood is flammable!
  3. Synthetic Slate Roof. Most homeowners have seen slate roofs, but did you know there’s a synthetic product out there that a fraction of the cost? The material is lightweight and can be easily customized for color and texture. Be sure to ask your professional roofing contractor what the warranty is on this material.

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