Learn How Your Windows Can Reduce Energy Costs

As homeowners in New England, sometimes we just can’t win when it comes to having ideal temperatures and weather conditions. In the summer it’s too hot and in the winter it’s too cold, and these temperature extremes and eating away at our energy bills.

Many believe that it’s important to re-insulate their home or install a new roof, but did you know a quick (and less expensive) fix can be making changes to your windows? At Bay State Exteriors, we have a few tips on how your windows can help reduce your energy costs throughout the year.

  • Tinted Windows. No, we don’t mean on your car. Tinting your windows at home prevents heat from penetrating the inside of your home when it’s hot out. This simple strategy can reduce UV rays by nearly 90%.
  • Insulation. Not for your attic, but for your windows! Many homes in the greater Boston area are single-pane, and window insulation can help keep air both in and out. Although the aesthetics are less than idea, window insulation is a quick fix and a temporary solution so that later down the road you can have a professional install new windows.
  • Cellular Window Shades. What many people call “blackout curtains,” these effective shades have a small honeycomb design in the fabric which works to trap hot or cold air, depending on the time of year.
  • Energy Star Rated Windows. Many New England homes haven’t had their windows replaced in decades, which means they probably aren’t ENERGY STAR certified. These windows will significantly lower your energy bills throughout the year by an average of 12%.

Not sure how to replace your windows? Contact Bay State Exteriors and we’ll provide you with a free estimate, quick and efficient window installation, and instructions on how to best care for your new windows.

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