Are You Wasting Money with Non-Efficient Windows? How Modern Windows Save You Money

Efficient Window Replacement

Keeping your home up to date is a never-ending battle. From the right kitchen hardware to the right outdoor landscaping, the list just keeps growing. One of the most important aspects of your home to keep updated are your windows. Windows are vital to the security and efficiency of the home, yet they’re commonly overlooked by homeowners. If you still have old windows on your home, check out these reasons why upgrading is a good idea! 

Old Windows Are Drafty 

On a cold and windy day can you stand next to your window and feel a breeze even when it’s closed? If so, you’re battling with drafty windows. Old windows tend to be drafty because the glass that’s used is not as thick and sometimes it’s only one pane instead of two. Drafty windows make it difficult to sit and relax in your own home without being cold, even when the heat is turned up! 

Warmer Winters and Cooler Summers 

Since new windows cut out the draftiness we discussed above, you’ll be able to enjoy warmer winters. The cold outside will stay outside, rather than creating a cool breeze in your living room. When it’s hot outside, old windows tend to let heat in the same way they do cold in the winter. New windows will help keep the heat outside and make a cooler, more comfortable indoors. 

Improved Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is a priority for any homeowner because energy efficiency means saving money on your energy bills! When you aren’t battling heat and cold from outside entering your home, you won’t have to run the heat and AC as often or as high. When the home is heated or cooled, it will maintain that temperature a lot better than it could with old windows. That means your furnace and AC are running less, which creates lower bills. 

Bay State Exterior: Improving Residential Heating & Cooling Efficiency

If you want to learn more about how modern windows can save you money, give Bay State Exterior a call today! upgrading to modern windows is easier and more affordable than you ever imagined. Even if you’re working with a limited budget, replacing some of your windows is better than replacing none! Our team of window experts will evaluate your home and determine which windows need to be replaced to best improve the security and energy of your home efficiency. After just a few days of enjoying your new windows you’ll be shocked at the difference! 

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