How Does Roofing Help Cool Your Home?

How Does Roofing Help Cool Your Home?

Homeowners know the importance of having a home that keeps utility bills low. There are a plethora of renovation decisions you can make to keep the air conditioner off this summer. Floor plans, window choices, and other interior design options can improve airflow and keep your home cool. One external design choice to consider is your roofing. There are a few factors for your home’s roof that affect your home’s temperature.


The majority of American home’s roofs are either asphalt tiles or metal. However, some homes are made with concrete roofing or other materials. Roofing material can either absorb the sun’s light and heat or reflect it. Asphalt tiles absorb up to 70% of the light that hits them, keeping your home, especially your attic, hotter during the summer. Metal roofs are much more reflective comparatively. Choosing material can have a large effect on how much air conditioning your home will need.  


Another large factor in roofing is the color of your roof. Much like clothing, darker roofs absorb more light and heat from the sun and increase home’s internal temperature. Owning lighter shingles will reflect more light and keep your roof cooler in the summer. This is not all bad though because darker roofing keeps your home warm in the winter. Depending on your home’s location, it might make sense to keep your roof darker for the most energy efficiency.

Cool Roof Technology

There are various cool roofing technologies that exist. Many roofing materials come with energy-efficient options that are more reflective. Aside from these, there are reflective paint coats that can be added to a roof to make it more reflective. These technologies generally have a more expensive cost upfront. However, roofing with cool roof technology can add value to your property as well as save money down the road on utility bills.


The most important factor in roofing is the roof’s construction and ventilation. Designing your attic space with proper ventilation and insulation is the best way to keep your home energy efficient. Good ventilation will keep your roof from overheating your home, while professionally installed insulation will stop warmth from escaping your home during the winter. Focusing on construction and design is the best option for making your roof work for the summer and winter.

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