How Does Summer Heat Affect Your Roof?

How Does Summer Heat Affect Your Roof?

Summer is a pleasant and comfortable season, but numerous problems can make it a frustrating time of the year. Sunlight and heat can cause various issues such as roof damage. When your neighborhood experiences summer storms, water damage and wind can damage your roof, causing various challenges. Therefore, you need to maintain and repair the roof during summers and prevent severe damage. Read more factors that influence your roof’s integrity during the summers.

1.     Ultra-Violet Light

Ultra-violet light emitted from the sun can damage almost anything. For instance, it can harm your carpet, furniture, cars, and even your skin. Home roof material is no exception. Because your roof is protecting your home interior, it wears out real quick during harsh weather. Whether it is cloudy or sunny weather, the atmospheric elements are always acting upon your home’s roof. For instance, asphalt shingles, cups split, or wilts because of excessive sunlight. Meanwhile, wood will crack and bleach over time.

2.     High Temperatures

Sunlight and heat damage the roofing material. However, if you have buildings and trees offering shade, then you are some. Other than that, your roof will absorb the heat and severely increase the room temperature causing various problems. You will experience double damage if you have dark material for your roof. The material will absorb the heat and rapidly break down. You can include insulation in your attic to control the temperature inside the house.

3.     Thermal Shock

You can also experience thermal shocks if it rapidly heats up and cools down. Throughout the day, your roof suffers from extreme heat, but when the sun goes down, it rapidly cools down. As a result of thermal shocks, your roof material will expand and contract. Because of that, your roof’s structure will become weak. This problem is common with metal roofs as its shape will likely create gaps.

4.     Summer Storms

Thunderstorms can damage the shingles and other elements of your roof. When the tiles start to lose, you need to repair the damage quickly become it becomes irreversible. It is better to hire a roof repairing team to examine the roof for damage. They will diagnose the gutter blockage, missing shingles, and damp patches. If the sunlight enters your attic, you need to replace the roof.


Keep in mind that some damage won’t appear right away. However, you can avoid the hassle of replacing a roof by hiring a professional team for diagnosis. You need to identify the damage before panicking. If your roof is more than ten years old, the risk of damage increases. If you are looking for a professional roof repairing and replacement team in your neighborhood, you can contact us. We have highly qualified and experience technicians. They will completely analyze the damage and tell you the best solution for each problem. Remember that a safe and secure roof protects you from severe conditions. So, also ensure the durability and reliability of your home roof.

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