How to Choose the Right Vinyl Siding Color

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Color is an impactful element when it comes to home design and when choosing a color for your siding, you’re not only showcasing your personality, but potentially increasing the value of your property. Whether you are replacing your old siding or applying a fresh coat of paint on existing siding, your choice can elevate the best features and look of your home. Choosing the right siding requires considering the different elements of your home, from the front door to the home’s overall style.

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when choosing your siding color. 

Consider the Look of Your Neighborhood

If you care about community cohesion, begin by checking out your neighborhood, paying attention to the color schemes of homes around your own when deciding on a siding color for your home. Focus on the homes in your area that bear a similar style to your own. You not only want your choice in siding to be great-looking, but also complements the siding color scheme of the neighborhood your home is located in. For example, if your neighborhood’s color palette is white, choosing a type of white siding that you love, be it dove white or ivory would be well-suited to the flow of your neighborhood. 

If you are part of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), it’s important to contact them prior to initiating any changes to your home’s exterior. You may find that the HOA has restrictions on not just the siding styles but the colors as well, or they may be entirely responsible for making any and all exterior alterations. It’s crucial to stay within the bounds of what changes are allowed, which could save you a lot of time and money.

The Style/Architecture of Your Home is a Factor

The architectural design of your home can prove helpful in providing visual cues that serve as indicators for choosing the right vinyl siding color. Different style homes generally demand the use of certain colors to not look odd or overwhelming. Colonial homes, though they are traditionally painted white, or some other single classic color, but it’s safe to explore unusual accents for a more modern, yet subtle color scheme. Soft beige siding is ideal for farmhouse architecture, while a contemporary home with smooth lap siding would stand out in crisp gray, for instance. Your goal should be for the color to shine in the right way, complementing the design or style elements of your home.

What Color is Your Roof?

It’s likely that your roof will last between 20 and 30 years, while siding colors won’t survive quite as long. Since your roof will outlive your vinyl siding color, you should think about the color of your roof when deciding on a siding color. It’s best to opt for a lighter siding color palette if your roof is dark. If your roofing material is neutral in color, you have more latitude to play with different colors and be free to choose a color for your siding that represents your own personal style.

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Choosing the right vinyl siding color for your home can be much easier than you think. You should consider a number of factors before you decide on the ideal color, including your neighborhood, architectural/style of home, and the color of your roof. All in all, you want your vinyl siding color to enhance the look of your home and the surrounding environment. Use these tips to help you with your selection or contact us today for an on-site consultation. 

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