How to Pick the Right Windows for your Home

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Are you doing a home renovation this season and are at the point where you need to choose some new windows? Or perhaps you’re designing your dream home and want the best windows possible. No matter what the occasion is for ordering your new windows, our exterior remodeling company is here to help you decide on what type as well as providing window installation services.

If you’re unsure about what type of window works best for your home, Bay State Exteriors is here to help. Below are a few examples of popular window types in New England.

  • Casement Windows. This style window is perfect for Massachusetts homeowners because it affords the user to choose how open or closed they want the window to be. Casement windows rely on a cranking mechanism that swings the window outward. These are great for when the weather and temperature vary throughout the day but you still want to have some fresh air.
  • Picture Windows. If you own a house with a view, it’s all about the picture windows. Although these windows don’t open at all, they are essentially floor to ceiling, uninterrupted glass that allows the homeowner to get a full view of the outdoors. Not only does this maximize the viewing, but also lets in the most amount of light than any other type of window.
  • Bay Windows. What’s more fitting than opting for a bay window while living in the Bay State? Bay windows are perfect for both the front or the back of the house and allow the homeowner to get creative with blinds and curtains. Bay windows can either be stationary or can open on a hinge, depending on your needs. These types also allow for a larger amount of sunlight to enter the room and increase the viewing experience.

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