How to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

We love spring season and what it does to everyone’s moods, but unfortunately spring season isn’t as pleasant for our homes. Spring and summer are known as storm season for much of the Atlantic coast — and that includes the Bay State and the rest of New England.

Bay State Exteriors has been an increasing amount of roof, siding and window damage lately due to high winds and excessive moisture. We always stress that the best line of defense this season is preparing your home in advance. Here’s how to prepare your home.

Don’t Procrastinate. Don’t wait until a storm is a few hours away (or worse, has already arrived at your front door) to prepare your home. Make sure to check the weather far in advance and again 48 to 72 hours prior to the expected arrival. This should give you plenty of time to purchase the necessary equipment.

Evaluate Your Yard. Take a walk-around before the storm and look for any overhanging branches that could snap and damage your roof. It might be best to call a professional to assess whether or not your trees or other large shrubs need trimming back from your gutters and roof.

Install Window Shutters. Window shutters aren’t just for aesthetic purposes in New England! For those that live in the Bay State, shutters are a wonderful invention that actually protects your windows from damage. Window repair and installation companies such as Bay State Exteriors can help you figure out which shutters to use depending on the type of window you have installed.

Make Small Repairs Now. Have you been staring at those loose roofing shingles for weeks now? It’s time you did something about it before a big Northeast storm rolls in and makes matters worse. Many times small weak spots in the roof can be repaired. Professional roofing contractors such as Bay State Exteriors will be able to fully evaluate your roof to determine if there are any other underlying issues.

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