How To Tell If Your Home Has Water Damage

A blue wall with a lot of discolored patches and cracks. These are telling signs of water damage.

Water damage can be one of the most devastating things for your home’s health! The main goal should always be to stop water damage before it happens. However, there are plenty of cases where you may not even realize it’s happening. The signs of water damage on your home won’t always be obvious; in fact, there are some signs you won’t be able to see at all! If you want to check and see if your home has suffered from water damage, follow these methods to know for sure.

Check for Smells

As we mentioned before, the signs of water damage won’t always be ones you can see. For this test, you should go around to the rooms of your home and take in the smells from each room. It would be best if you didn’t light any candles or fragrances before starting this! The kind of smells that should be setting off the warning bells in your head are musty, moldy and damp smells. If you notice these, they could be a sign of water damage.

Discolored Paint

While you might look at discolored paint as just a sign of old paint, there may be some hidden problems underneath. If you’ve noticed that any of the paint in your rooms is looking off-color from normal, it may be a sign of water damage behind the wall. It isn’t a huge tell all (there are other reasons for discolored paint), but it’s still good to look into. Water damage can severely harm your home, so don’t take chances!

Increased Utilities Cost

Have you noticed that your utilities bill has skyrocketed over the past few months? It could be a sign of hidden water damage! Specifically, you need to look for increases in your water bill. If your water bill has gone up, it could mean that one of your pipes is leaky, and thus more water is needed to perform necessary activities. If you’ve noticed a spike in the price, it may be time to do some investigating into your home.

Prevent Water Damage With Bay State Exteriors

Do you know what the most common causes of water damage are? It’s actually clogged gutters! This problem will prevent water from running off your roof, enabling it to leak into your home and potentially damage the foundation. These repairs can be costly, so contact Bay State Exteriors today if you need your gutters, roofing and siding replaced! We can expertly install new ones that will last for years to come. To get started, click here to contact us directly!

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