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Dover, NH is considered to be the largest city in New Hampshire’s coastal area! Nestled between New Hampshire’s luxurious beaches and adventure-filled mountains, it’s easy to see why people choose Dover as their place to settle. If you have a home in Dover, NH, let Bay State Exteriors help you to secure it with our exterior contracting services! Learn more about how essential they are to your home’s exterior below.

Roof Repair, Maintenance and Installation in Dover, NH

One of the most important things that you can maintain in your home is it’s roofing. Your roof acts as a barricade that protects your home’s insulation from the harshest elements that New England has to offer. Bay State Exteriors can help you fortify that protection with roof repair, maintenance and installation services. People tend not to make repairs to their roof until they know that there’s a problem, but you shouldn’t delay! Contact us to secure your roof.

Gutter Installation and Replacement in Dover, NH

Your roof isn’t the only important element of your home’s exterior! Having the appropriate rain gutters will aid you even further in securing it. When water and other debris infiltrate your roof, they’ll have no place to run off. This could cause water to seep through the cracks and cause costly damage to your home’s foundation! Rain gutters can ensure that this water and debris has a place to go, moving it away from your home. If you’ve noticed that your gutters aren’t working properly, we’ll be happy to install a new set for you!

Our Other Exterior Contracting Services

Bay State Exteriors can ensure that your home has the tools it needs to combat the harshest New England weather conditions. Contact us today to fortify your home!

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