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Londonderry, NH is a town in Rockingham County that borders some of the most populated cities in the state. There’s plenty of reason to visit Londonderry by itself; it’s most noteworthy for a variety of apple orchards and breweries around the area. It’s a wonderful place to settle down in a suburban environment. However, owning any home comes with the challenge of fortifying its exterior against the elements. Bay State Exteriors is the best company for the job! Read about our services below.

Roofing Installation in Londonderry, NH

Your roof is arguably the most important part of your home’s exterior. Without it, there’s nothing standing between a flood of rainwater and your home’s insulation, which can be incredibly costly to repair! Our roof installation services will ensure that your roof has the strength and longevity to protect your home from the worst of New England’s notorious weather conditions. We’ll upgrade the curb appeal of your home, too!

Siding Installation in Londonderry, NH

While a good amount of the appeal of siding is to upgrade your home’s value, there are more important functions that it offers as well. Not only does it provide your home with the insulation necessary to decrease your energy bill costs, but it also helps to prevent pests like bees, birds and other insects from infiltrating your home. We offer cedar impression siding and vinyl siding installations to best meet the needs of your home!

Other Services Offered

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New England is home to some of the most unpredictable weather conditions out there. Make sure your home is properly protected against the elements with Bay State Exteriors! We can make your home strong and efficient to help it withstand the test of time. To get the benefits of our exterior contracting work, click here to contact us directly!

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