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Newport, RI is a storied city on Aquidneck Island. It’s main claim to fame is being the annual host of the America’s Cup, which is a sailing regatta that’s the oldest active international competition in the world! It’s also home to some of the state’s most historic beaches and waterfronts. There are plenty of reasons to live and work in Newport, but you need to be ready for the weather a coastal environment will bring. For the best fortification for your home’s exterior, Bay State Exteriors is the company to call! Learn more about our services below.

Gutter Installation in Newport, RI

Coastal weather conditions mean that your home’s roof will likely take a beating once inclement weather arrives. If you don’t have a way for water to safely run off your roof, it could seep through it and damage your home’s insulation, leading to costly repairs down the road! Our rain gutter systems are expertly installed to make sure water can run safely off of your roof. No more worrying every time a rain storm comes to town!

Window Installation in Newport, RI

Your windows do a lot more for your home than you think! Not only do they keep rain and other debris from entering your home, but they also provide it with insulation and natural light. If you’ve noticed a draft or an increase in your energy bill, it may be time to replace your windows! Our windows have the strength and durability to last for years while driving down the costs of your heating and cooling systems.

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