Roofing Maintenance Tips for Lasting Roofs

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How often do you think about your roof? If you’re like most homeowners then you don’t think about your roof too often. A roof is a big investment for your home and it’s the first line of defense from the outside elements like weather and any wildlife that could try and get into your home. A roof should last your home a long time, to ensure i t does last as long as it’s supposed to, here are some tips that can help your roof last longer.

Top Roofing Tips for Homeowners

Homebuying Assessment

A great time to really see the condition of the roof of a home is before you sign the papers to make it yours. You can get a roofing assessment by a professional to understand the condition the roof is in and it could save you a lot of stress and costly repairs in the long road.

Trim Trees

When looking at your home and the landscape that surrounds it’s important not to overlook the surrounding branches that are near your roof. Any branches that could scrape or puncture your roof could be hazardous. To prevent any damage to your roof from trees, make sure you trim your trees, and cut back any branches that are near your roof.

Clean Leaves and Other Debris

Branches and leaves that can get stuck on your roof or in your gutters can damage your roof as well. If your gutter gets clogged then water can backup onto your roof and potentially even your attic as well. To make sure that your gutters and roof are working properly, we recommend cleaning your roof and gutters twice a year.

Protect Against Streaking

Make sure you are looking at the color of your roof. Any roof areas that get exposed to shade for long periods of time could become streaked with mold. If your home does get mold and is left unattended to, it will start to deteriorate the roof and the roofing materials which will make you need to replace the roof sooner.

Check for Shingle Damage

A roof is exposed to everyday elements and wear and tear which can cause the shingles to get broken or get torn off. This will give the roof a higher probability of water damage and rot. It’s important to check for damage so you can get your roof fixed right away which will help protect your home and extend the lifetime of your roof.

Roofing Maintenance & Repairs

At Baystate Exteriors, we understand that having a well-maintained roof will help your roof last longer and ensure your home is well protected. If your home’s roof got damaged or you are worried it could need a few repairs, call us today! We are happy to help you keep your roof in working condition for years to come, we offer both roof repair & maintenance. For a free estimate, you can call us at 857-389-5284 or contact us directly on our website.

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