What Is Causing Your Siding to Wear and Tear?

Worn Out Siding with Plant Growing on the side

Wear and tear can be caused by various factors, including nature, neglect, and accidental harm. With time, it is natural for your house to deteriorate. There are risks in every section of your home, but the exterior walls are the most vulnerable.

Your home is your solace, and the siding is one of the essential components in protecting the possessions within. Unfortunately, the sidings are not resistant to the test of time, especially considering the external pressures that cause them to deteriorate.

Being aware of what causes siding issues will ensure that your house’s siding looks great in years to come. This article reviews the most prevalent causes of siding issues and how to avoid them.


1.     Moisture and water damage

When water soaks through wood or vinyl siding, it causes the material to weaken, tear, and warp. As mold grows, vinyl can peel or rip, and woods can rot. If left unattended, the deterioration will develop until large pieces of the siding and the wall behind them fall or rot away. Extreme humidity levels, moist and soggy plant growth, and flooding are the most prevalent causes of this damage type.

2.    Pest infestation

Insects are usually the first suspects when harm is done to your siding. Many pests, such as carpenter bees, termites, and beetles, are famous for going for various sidings (especially wood). Animals like woodpeckers are also known to damage sidings.

3.    Failure to Maintain

Although you might think the exterior part of your home may not be the most urgent worry in terms of maintenance habits, you should constantly make time for it. Constant negligence can cause your siding to breach, increase heating expenses, or cause other internal damage. Little damages can quickly spread and grow into more significant problems over time.

4.    Installation Issues

When installing your siding, it is a sad reality that some carpenters might be unable to deliver a perfect job. Because of the precise nature of cladding, if it is put together wrong, it will fall short of its intended goal. A sloppy board placement can cause water, wind, and insects to enter your home.

The most straightforward way to avoid these problems when building or purchasing a home is to have an expert inspect the cladding. They will be able to see any issues or faults.

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