What Is The Difference Between A French Door And A Patio Door?

What Is The Difference Between A French Door And A Patio Door?

There are a few main things to consider when you are thinking of getting a new door – “normal patio” door, which means a sliding door or a french door is a big decision. After all, you are looking to have this door for years to come. Some of the biggest questions is, what really is the difference between a french door and a patio door? While both doors come in many different sizes, they may sound similar but have way bigger functionalities.

Sliding Patio Door

Sliding patio doors are what has been and what continues to be most common in households. You are able to cover much wider spaces with these doors. One of their biggest hurdles is that you can only open about 50% of the door at a time. If you typically have large items going in and out of this door, it may not be the right option for you because of this. They can be beneficial because they open onto the other side, and don’t use up any space and you can put things in front of the door and it won’t be in the way.

French Door

French doors are seen as a traditional door. They are two doors that open outwards. One of their key features is that you can have full access to widthwise to smaller areas – like patios, decks, or gardens. Most french doors are two identical doors, one has a lock that you use as your primary lock and the other door locks into it. They also seem to create a more elegant looking space.

Which Door Is Right For You?

Overall, the layout of your home or room that this door is going into will going into your decision. You want to make sure that you can go in and out when needed without having to move furniture or any larger items. Both doors have pros and cons and if space isn’t the issue then it will depend on your personal preference.

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