Why Does My Roof Wear Out?

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If you’re like any other homeowner out there, you want the best deal for your money — especially when it comes to investing that money in your home. For us, deals like a 30 year guarantee on roofing shingles seem like the best bet.

Unfortunately live isn’t that simple, and many of us see our roofs starting to deteriorate before those 30 years are up. At Bay State Exteriors, we have a few reasons as to why this might happen.

  1. UV Radiation. It isn’t just wind and rain that can wear a roof out over the years. The sun’s harmful UV radiation can damage not only our skin, but also our roof’s shingles. UV breaks down the fibers, mixing oxygen with the hydrocarbons in the shingle material. Oxygen coupled with UV rays are a powerful erosive element.
  2. Heat. The summer months in New England can be brutally hot; heat works to break down the asphalt in your home’s shingles — and the UV radiation doesn’t help. Note that roofs can reach up to 70 degrees warmer than the air temperature and after a decade or two, the shingles can weaken.
  3. Thermal Shock. You know that roads and bridges are often build to withstand expansion and contraction on a daily basis. Roofs also suffer this thermal shock. Warm weather makes the shingles expand then contract during the cooler hours of the night. After many years of this repeated movement, the shingles can break down, leaving the wood below exposed.
  4. No Maintenance. Although this isn’t a weather-related issue to why your roof is deteriorating, roof maintenance needs to be performed seasonally in order to fend off the New England weather. Bay State Exteriors can unclog drainage pipes, remove branches or leaves from the roof and assess whether or not your air-conditioning unit or other roof-top equipment (such as solar panels) is damaging the roof in any way.

Not sure how to go about maintaining your roof or whether or not you might need a roofing replacement? No worries! Contact Bay State Exteriors and we’ll drive to you and give you an estimate on the spot.

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