Why You Should Replace Your Roof Before Winter

Why You Should Replace Your Roof Before Winter

Many people think they will wait until after winter to replace their roof, but this isn’t true. Especially in Massachuttes, where we get some pretty harsh winters, it’s best to be prepared and install a new roof before winter. There are many benefits to starting out winter with this already done. And chances are, if your roof is already showing wear, then it is already in the phase of needing to be replaced.

Benefits of getting a new roof before Winter

  • A new roof will give you better insulation, which will increase your home’s energy efficiency levels. This will decrease your heating bills making you warmer and save you money.
  • As it snows, then melts, you won’t have water damage in your house and also you won’t get any leaks. Preventing both of these issues will also save you money in the long term.
  • You are protecting your home’s structure when snow layers on top of it. With a new roof, it will be more stable as snow continues to pile onto it. Without a new roof, it will put more stress onto your home’s structure, making it unstable and causing more problems. The last thing you want in a snowstorm is to worry about how much snow your home and roof could hold.
  • Your home won’t become a home for wildlife animals looking for a warm place to stay. With roofs with cracks and places for wildlife to borrow or dig a little bigger of a hole, it’s easy for animals to see your damaged roof as a perfect place to stay and wait until Winter is over.

While you think you can wait, you want to be proactive on damaged roofs to protect yourself this winter from harsh winds, snowy nights, and frigid temperatures. When you get a new roof before Winter you are saving money in the long run, as well as getting rid of the potential stress of something going wrong in the Winter months.

If you have questions if you need a new roof, or are interested in preparing yourself for Winter with a new roof, give us a call today at 857-389-5284 or learn more on what to do if you are in an emergency and need a roof repair.

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