How to Avoid a Roofing Scam

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As the weather gets warmer in New England, the summer storms start to roll in. Summer storms with high winds can cause falling debris which in turn can damage your roof. Fraudulent roofing contractors throughout the Peabody and surrounding areas are always on the hunt for their next victims.

At Bay State Exteriors, we want you to be aware of roofing scams. Here’s how to detect a scam before it’s too late.

When you’re asked to make a down payment. Phony roofing contractors will most likely ask you to pay for a portion (or all!) of the project before they’ve even started it. The claim will be that they need to purchase the materials first.

Door to Door Salesman. The roof replacement and repair business is more professional than this! Whenever someone comes knocking on your door offering their roofing services, it should be a red flag. The only neighborhood advertising a professional roofing company will do is put a sign up in the yard whose home they are working on, or you’ll see their truck parked outside at the property.

Storm Chasing. We New Englanders are used to stormy weather that comes in from either the ocean or from the Southwest and try to prepare our homes accordingly. Unfortunately following the storms are those scam companies that will reach out to you conveniently just after a storm to tell you that you need their services. One sign that you’ve been scammed by this type is that they will only do the bare minimum amount of work needed to patch your roof back together.

Professional roofing contractors such as Bay State Exteriors will always give you an estimate first and will be sure to keep you updated on what they are doing throughout the entire installation or repair process. We never use high-pressure sign-up tactics and will give you an honest quote for the best quality work. Contact us today for more information about our services!

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